Proliant Server 2003 as a PC

Is it feasible to use a HP Proliant ML110 as a stand alone PC? Its running Windows Server 2003.
It would be used for a basic office environment. Apps would be Office 2010, Skype, Kodak camera software, iTunes, avg antivirus etc. My concern is that most general apps won't be able to install on server 2003. It would be great to install XP on this proliant machine but i don't think xp drivers are supported. Is it feasible to make this proliant a long term production pc?
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  1. There are at least 7 generations of this machine with the same model number that show up in google. No clue what parts are in your server.

    Most likely win7 will install on this and run. XP is much less likely to run, missing drivers for hardware that hadn't been built when xp shipped. Win7 costs $100 OEM, less for student.

    Suggest you download the WIN8 open beta and see what it complains about. If clean, try installing win7.

    Dump your current disk image to an external USB drive using backup software that takes a disk image.

    A decent win7 PC is $300. Depending on model of Proliant ML110 you could have an OK machine or a very strong one.
  2. never thought of putting windows 7 on it.. i'll try it. thanks
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