What Alienware Model case is this ?

Not sure if i can post a picture but here is a description. It is a Alienware ATX case, black, side window with 80mm fan 2 80mm fans in the rear....the front has what looks like spiraled horns running up each side, and where the drive bays would go is crimson red, of course has the alien head with the HDD activity in the eyes and the reset and power buttons glow blue. I can post a pic if that is possible on the forums. Any help finding what model # this case is would be apprecaited.
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  1. Would definetly need a picture , and you can use image shack to do that.
  2. What model is it?
  3. How do you know it's an Alienware?
  4. inzone said:
    How do you know it's an Alienware?

    You know under the red shield shaped thing on the front, there is the alienware logo.
  5. I was told it was alienware when i bought it, not that it mattered, i wanted what was inside. But i would like to use the case and fill in the front where the bays are open so i am trying to figure out what case it is......that and it does have the little alien head on the front http://img521.imageshack.us/img521/1010/alienwd.jpg
  6. Does it say what the model number is anywhere on the case?
  7. Nothing anywhere on the case except a stamped number that is somewhat hidden on the case and stamped on the side panel as follows 3MC43301101A, i googled that and found nothing, there is also a sticker on the back between the fans as follows ICAP826D000077, looked that up and also nothing.
  8. Can't find you case anywhere, i think its a modded case, you could buy some 5.25" cover things-http://www.amazon.com/Lian-Li-BZ-501B-Bezel-Filter-4/dp/B001FO7P2Q/ref=pd_cp_pc_0
  9. Im a comp tech, A+ certified. I have never ran across this case and i have had tonnes of alienware pass by me. It really does not look like a modded case, definately a custom build. The only thing i can think of is that it's a Alienware knock-off. Those bezels would work as long as they fit properly which i'm sure i could make them fit. I may try to search for alienware knock-offs and see what i can find.
  10. There are two things that throw you off when looking at pictures of past Alienware cases.
    1. the side panel where the grooves go uaccross the side at a 45 degree angle and all the Alienware case I have been looking at have those grooves going hrizontal accross the side panel and while there are a couple that may have a slight angle to them none have that 45 degree angle.
    2. Those two horns on each side of the front corners , there are no cases that I have seen that have those.
  11. This is why it's led me to believe it's a knock-off. How they get away with using the Alienware head, i don't know. The company making them likely didn't last long. I would still like to find out who made it....there has got to be a picture or specs on it somewhere.
  12. I have spent the last hour looking and I do think that even if you find out the model and who made it you may never find any parts for it. I like doing modifications to my case and with some ideas of what you want it to look like you can put something in that space. It looks like t could be used for dvd drive or fan controller. You could get a piece of colored plexi glass and cut out a fan opening and put an led fan in there or a dual bay resivoir if you do water cooling or a dual bay led fan controller.
    I did a redesign of the front of my case and it now doesn't look like the case I originaly bought.


    The case I have is the Cooler Master HAF-X , so if you look at a picture of the HAF-X and then my case you will see a big difference. The bottom line being that you can modify any case to what you want.
  13. My last 4 builds have used the HAF-X case so i know them well :D As for modding i already have some ideas in mind. Going to look for a fan controller with the temp sensor display in red, and fill the other bays with a screened vented bezel, possibly a HD cooler. Fortunately the case is built like a tank which i am very surprised by and it is very cool looking. It's going to get a Asus Sabertooth and a Bulldozer cpu, and i have 2 GTX 580's for it as well along with 16gb of G Skill Ripjaws. I will have to test if the 1000W Corsair PSU will fit though. Once done, modded (have other fan ideas in mind) it will be up for sale along with the UMPTeen other systems i am modding and finishing to sell. AHHHH the life of a comp. tech, lol.
  14. Its an old FoxCon computer case: Foxconn Diabolic TH202

    Just rebaged by the OEM for alienware.
  15. Wow, thank you very much for the help finding it. :D
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