Graphic card upgrade

Can I upgrade Sony Vaio Serial # PCG-7F1L Graphic card
to 512 MB or higher Graphic card. Currently it has 128 MB Graphic card and cannot play most games.
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  1. You would need a new laptp.
  2. latpops are not able to upgrades... just adding some sticks of memory ram, thats all... thats why amuffin says u need a new laptop, there are some laptops on the market that have "mobile models" of graphic cards, less powerful than the desktop models, as the HD 6990"M" being half of the power of a HD 6990 for desktops, but still are good for some serius gaming...

    you should be willing to pay 800-1000 bucks for a good gaming laptop... BTW theres some offers for light gaming at the range of $500-700..

    Hope it helps..

    Edit: adding some examples "light" gaming "medium" gaming "high" gaming...

    That what you should be aiming for if your going to play recent games... If you dont want something like that, get/upgrade a desktop, those are cheaper and more porwerful for gaming than consoles...
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