Hey,Im thinking of Upgrading my pc!

Hey Guys I've got this PC:

ECS 8200a motherboard

AMD Athlon 64 x2 250

2 GB ram ddr2

Had a nvidia geforce 9500 gt but sold it and ordered a geforce 440 ddr3

I was thinking of getting more ram like 4 gb or 8 gb but I think its pointless buying ddr2 ram since its getting old and they're alot more expensive than ddr3,so i decided to upgrade my motherboard so I can buy 8 gb ddr3 for 50 bucks and replace my athlon x2 for a phenom 2 x4,Would I see Huge difference between the PC I got now and the one I'm planing to buy...I use my PC mostly For gaming like world of warcraft,Gta IV,devil may cry 4 Etc

Thank you guys :)
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  1. What speed is your RAM running at?
    Either way, I think you'll see improvement.
    Make sure you have a 64bit OS, otherwise your 8 GB of RAM will be useless.
  2. Well,I seriously Don't Know at what speed they run My pc's power supply burned a few days ago and havent bought one yet so I cant test them at the moment,anyways I just wanna know if its gonna worth the money?
  3. What all do you plan on buying?
  4. Im planing of buying a Phenom 2 x4 945,Asus M5A78L-M LX Motherboard and 8 gb of ram ddr3
  5. As long as you have a 64bit OS, I'd say it'd be worth it.
    I can't speak from experience though.
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