OCZ ZS Series v Corsair Enthusiast

OCZ ZS Series 750w v Corsair Enthusiast 750w

corsair is more expensive, but is it worth it?

please help!
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  1. Here's my personal take on those two PSU's. Both are highly rated units but the OCZ is modular (I like that) and has one additional SATA connection. Two bonuses plus cheaper? Think I'd choose the OCZ here.
  2. I would go with the OCZ as well.
  3. The OCZ ZS series is not modular, I assume C12Friedman is thinking of the ZT series.
    OCZ ZS 750W has a quieter fan.
    Corsair TX750 V2 has a longer warranty (5yrs vs 3yrs).

    The OCZ ZS 750W is good enough that if you want to save money then it is a valid choice.

    Do you really need a 750W power supply? What system are you going to be using with this PSU?
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