Better card config?

would it be better to run dual gtx 560 ti cards


a gtx 670???

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  1. As far as frame rates, dual GTX 560ti's in SLI would be way faster than a single GTX 670. But SLI is reported to have some issues with some games. I have 2 GTX570s and haven't experienced any of those issues, but that's what I am told.

    Keep in mind though, that boards with the 2nd slot @ X4 bandwidth will cripple the card in the 1st slot and drag down the frame rate big time. I speak from experience.
  2. Personally I would just go with a single 670. As clutchc has stated, the 560 Ti's in SLI will provide better frame rates, but you MAY experience some issues.

    Also one of the primary reasons I would go with a single 670 > 560 Ti SLI would be the power consumption.
  3. ok, thanks.
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