Is it worth upgrading to 2500k?

I had a similar post a few weeks ago about FX8120vs1090tvs2500k and of course everyone told me the 2500k is the best.

Now I want to know, is it worth in terms of 100% gaming (besides gaming my pc is used for Facebook and youtube)
to upgrade to a 2500k? That means motherboard and 2500k, and idk prices but I'm assuming a crossfire ready 1155 board goes for around 120$-150$ for a mid range board.

So with cpu a and motherboard that could be a little less that 400$. Would I see a noticeable performance increase from shelling out that amount of cash, and will it be worth my time? I will be overclocking with h60 push/pull

I wanted to get an FX-8120 because I've been told that when fully overclocked its a beast. Will that be more worth my time? Note I am a slight budget so I want to most bang for my buck, not the most beast system possible.

My Specs:
ASus M5a97 AM3+ 970 Motherboard
AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE at 4.0GHZ
Corsair H60 push/pull
Dual MSI R6850 Cyclone edition in crossfire
8gb Wintec 1600 DDR3 RAM
OCZ ModXTreme 600W Modular PSU
Seagate Barricuda 1tb 7200RPM HDD
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  1. Worth it No! You want more performance the 2500K will give you an increase but what can you not play with your current setup? I would wait for the next platform.
  2. rolli59 said:
    Worth it No! You want more performance the 2500K will give you an increase but what can you not play with your current setup? I would wait for the next platform.

    I agree...the Phenom II X4 965 is a very modest chip. And considering OP has it overclocked to 4Ghz makes it even less worth of an upgrade.

    Wait for the next thing to come around the corner :)
  3. The part about overclocking the FX 8120 is correctand the thing about that is this , in order to get the 8120 to be the beast you have to overclock the hell out of it while the 2500k is a beast without overclocking and then you still have the option to overclock. So with the 8120 you would be at the limit and with the 2500k you have a ways to go yet.
    If you do choose to go with the AMD upgrade then you mightconsider the FX-8150 and go for the top model.
    The other issue you want to consider in all this is the Asus MB that you have only has one slot for a video card and the other full slot isa x4 slot and while a video card will physicaly fit in it you will only have x4 bandwith if you ever decide to go with a second video card for gaming.
    By going with a change to Intel and the 2500k you can get a motherboard with two slots that will run two video cards at either x8 or x16 , the way to tell on the motherboard what the full size slots are is by the color. The first slot being blue and the second being white , if the second slot is black color then it's a x4 slot and the bandwidth is severly cut down to where your not getting the full use of the card , even though the card fits in the slot.
    So there is a choice to be made as to which way you want to go , it might cost more but the 2500k ias a good choice to go with.
  4. I was just looking at your spec's list and noticed that you have two video cards now? Dual MSI R6850 Cyclone edition in crossfire
    If this is the case then you have the second video card in a x4 slot? The slot the second card is in is it black color?
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