Need to find a top mounted case

I'm looking for a case that has power supply mount, not bottom mounted. I have a problem with insects and they are getting into my power supply and blowing it up.

Looking for a top quality case, around $150. I have 2 HD, DVD as far as drives go.

My current case: COOLER MASTER RC-692-KKN2 CM690 II
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  1. I was looking at this one, is it any good?

    It's RaidMax SMILODON Extreme Black.
  2. You know many full sized cases let you mount a PSU on either the top or the bottom (or maybe two at once) and they wouldn't cost much more that that one.
  3. The feedback looks good for that case so it could be a good choice for you.
  4. I know, and that's what I was looking on, but I don't know a quality case from a hole in the wall, which is why I was asking here.

    If you look at my post, I was looking just trying to get suggestions on what a quality case is and gave what I was looking for in a case.

    Thanks for posting the obvious.
  5. I wuold think changing the listing function to most reviewed and looking through the top reviewed is usually a good way to pick out a good end case at different price points.
  6. trickynick said:
    I'm looking for a case that has power supply mount, not bottom mounted. I have a problem with insects and they are getting into my power supply and blowing it up.

    Looking for a top quality case, around $150. I have 2 HD, DVD as far as drives go.

    My current case: COOLER MASTER RC-692-KKN2 CM690 II

    Have you tried a filter? Insects can climb...just better they don't get into the case at all. You might be able to use a fan filter or jury rig something.

    EDIT: I see from your other posts you have thought of this. Leaving the post for what its worth.
  7. The better the quality of the case the more it costs so at this point the fact that your looking for a top mounted fan to be the solution to the issue is not going to solve your problem. You can use the same case that you have if you take the time to bug proof it. At your local hardware store you can get some screening that's used for window screens and place it over the spaces and holes in your case.
  8. Thanks for the responses. I'm not going to get a new case. Going to just get filters.

    I ordered 2 of these (link) . I'm hoping it'll be enough to cover my PC, rather, cover the holes vents,etc.
  9. Good , hope you have success keeping the bugs out.
  10. an extreme positive pressure setup may help as well .. best of luck :)
  11. Yea good luck, having problems with bugs blowing up your PSU is messed up.
  12. Could someone point out a place to look up a positive pressure enviroment for my case on how to set it up?

    I'm going to do searches after I post this, but if any one more experienced can find a post, espeiclaly specifically to my case, would be helpful.

    I was clueless as to what &how to set up the fans & from my reading, I should have more intake than outtake fans? Am I understanding this correctly?

    EDIT 2:
    A picture of my case and fan slots for the case(this isn't my case, just a picture I found):

    There are 2 vents on the side wall as well not pictured.

    How would I go about creating extreme positive pressure?
  13. Yes that is correct , in order to have positive pressure there has to be most of the fans as intake and a few or even one as the exaust.
    I don't believe that the positive pressure in the case will keep the bugs out , the filters and screens will do that. The positive pressure is mainly for regulating the temps insde the case and keep them at a stable low temp. I don't put much stock in that and would rather have a good air flow through the case.
  14. @inzone,
    How would you put the fans in my case? I figured positive pressure wouldn/t keep them out since they have their own power. But I wouldn't mind low temps either.
  15. What ever fans you put in your case have them as intake except the rear fan. I would would put one in the front one on the bottom floor of the case two on the side panel and two on the top all as intake with the rear fan as exaust.
    The good thing about this is that you can easily adjust the fans to be either intake or exaust , just unscrew and flip the fan. Plus you can always get a fan controller for the number of fans you have to have even more control over the fans speed.
    If you end up not putting all of those fans then you can block the hole where the fn was supposed to go.
  16. most of the cases that include multiple front intakes in addition to side panel fans ( intended as intakes to cool the gpu area ) will be by default a positive pressure enviroment unless there are multiple rear exhuast fan's and or roof exhaust fans ,, that being said I also prefer neg pressure . My earlier comment was based on the stated fact that he was getting bugs in the psu ( rear ) of the case ..i f they're flying insects like those annoying little fruit flies that show up this time of year then the front filters should fix it .. If the they're ( crawlers ) and comming in all over the place then my thott ( half tongue in cheek ) was that the positive pressure would help :)
  17. They are the crawling kind, ants mostly. Can't get rid of the stupid things

    Do have the flying kind as well, but they are always atracted to my lights.
  18. Ants don't like black pepper so if you put some around the case and inside on the bottom I'm pretty sure they will stop going in your case.
  19. lol.....picturing an old school purple light bug zapper built into the rig :)
  20. That would be ok if it were misquitos that were the problem , but the ants would have to crawl up to it to be zapped.
    Your going to start him thinking though.
  21. Yes, I can see it now...

    Playing what ever game it is I happen to be playing then getting the bejeezus scared out of me cause I hear the ZAAAAAP noise when I least expect it.

    I know the bugs have gotten to others components of my system, but they haven't messed them up, only the PSU. I don't know if I have enough fans to do a positive pressure system and the new air filters I bought will be used to at least wrap the PSU and change it every so often.
  22. Yea that would be good special effects for the game.
    Don't forget to try the black pepper for keeping the ants out.
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