Cooler master rs500 500w PSU can't power up GTX 560 video card


I am building a new machine.
The PSU is Cooler Master rs500, and the graphic card is a evga gtx 560.
Everything works fine, except that the graphic card requires 2 PCI-e 6 pin power input, but the PSU has only one PCI-e 6 pin cable.
The PSU does have additional 6 pin connectors. So my solution is to use the 6-pin cable and one 6 pin connector to power up the graphic card.
However, this set up won't work. The CPU fan spins for one second, then stops.
If I remove the 6 pin connector, and leave the 6-bin cable on the card, I can boot up the system. However, the graphic card is not useable.

Is it because the 6 pin connect can't supply enough power to the graphic card? What should I do? Shall I buy a 600W PSU with 2 6 pin cables?

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  1. if your psu only has one 6 pin pcie cable then what other cable are you hooking up to the video card?? my guess is something that is not supposed to be in there...what you need is a molex to 6 pin pcie cable adapter....they are really cheap and will make your system work....that way you would have 2 6pin pcie cables plugged into the card....500watts is plenty for a gtx 560

    this is the cable I am talking about
  2. Hi
    Thanks for your reply. Yes the adaptor in the link is the "connector" I talked about in my post. It turned out that I connected only one end of the adaptor to a 4 pin cable. This time I connected both the 2 pin and 3 pin ends to two 4 pin cables, then everything works!
  3. ok good glad you figured it out goodluck and if you need any more help you know where to look
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