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I have been struggling with random crashes now for about a year. I have swapped out RAM, three hard (one clean install) drives, two monitors, operating systems (XP & 7) and two video cards. The drives, RAM, monitors, and cards all work fine on my other system. The system crashes to reboot after running random applications such as games or videos and mostly the problem gets worse over time until the hard drive is wiped or a new one installed. Only the old western digital drive has not crashed and its the only one that doesn't require a power connector adapter but that could be random luck as well. My new Hitachi drive went fine for 3 weeks then crashed 4 times yesterday. Within 5 min I had the system up and crash free with the old WD drive and i'm currently running it.

The sytem has an Apevia case with 500W supply (It's 1 year old now), Biostar TA890GXB board, and a Phenom 740. What the devil can I do now? Any ideas on why this is happening? This old WD is not a solution...
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  1. Did you update your video card drivers? try to unninstall the old ones and check if the system won't crash. then re-install from the manufacturer page
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