2x 560Ti vs. 1x ATI 7970

I have just finished building a new pc, but have held off on purchasing a graphics card because of the next gen cards currently coming out (using an old 9800GTX+). Right now I am torn between buying 2x EVGA 560 Ti Classifieds ( and putting them in SLI, or buying 1 7970 reference board. Here are my system specs:

i7 2600k (Zalmaan Air Cooled)
ASRock Pro Gen3 Fatal1ty (PCIe 3.0)
8GB Mushkin @ 2133 10/11/10/28 1T
Crucial M4 256GB SSD
1050w Corsair PSU

The point of this system is to future proof it, and can spend ~$600 on the graphics card. I am a graphics whore and hate it when I can't play everything on ultra. So, any opinons on which option to get? Maybe something else entirely?

Thanks for your inputs!!
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    The 7970 is the way to go if you ask me. with sli 560ti's there is no more room for upgrades and when they cant keep up anymore you are looking at a new card. with the 7970 you'll be able to add another down the line.
  2. i think it would be good to get an single hd 7970 instead of gtx 560ti sli and after 1 or 2 year then crossfire.
  3. Yea Sadly i agree with these guys. SLI is fun to tho. but from now on i will just get a High end Single Card and get another later for Xfire/SLI.
  4. To be straight forward, it's always better to get single than double card in the same price, I know sometimes 560 ti SLI will be better, but that won't happen when your game doesn't support SLI. After a lot of research in this forum SLI/Crossfire is only worth it only when you already have one card, but going two direct is not that worth it. Only it's worth it when you have highest end ones.
  5. If I were you, I would wait for nVidia's flagship board at 28nm and buy that one. 7970 is ridiculously overpriced right now. As soon as Kepler arrives, those 7000s are guaranteed to get a massive price drop.
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