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Does socket 775 still have life? I ask because i currently have a Pentium Dual Core E5700 clocked @ 3.5GHz. I want to upgrade it to a core to quad something to complement my gts250. I'm not going to spend no more then 100$ on this chip and I was just curious if it was a OK investment?
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  1. Still life but the price for Quad S775 will more than 200 for new one .... you may get used one for 100- 150 range...
  2. i just saw a q6600 for 80 bucks on ebay....
  3. that is not that fast compare to nowadays cpu
    Better just buy a Cheap G850 + MB + 4GB ~$180 Range but can upgarde to i7 in furture....
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    that E5700 is perfectly fine for a gts250
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