No internet connection "DNS error"

Hello, what should i do i have no internet connection at all but just under time warner cable, im running a laptop with windows 7
i had try everything but no luck im thinking it maybe incompatibility with the modem/router
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  1. When you goto the Command Prompt and type IPCONFIG do you get "media disconnected" ?

    Can you visit the modem's web page?

    Try ipconfig /release and then type ipconfig /renew
  2. i had try all the above, TWC technician was here and he couldn't fix it :pfff:

    it works under any other ISP [verizon and att]
  3. Quote:
    it works under any other ISP [verizon and att]

    are those connections DSL or 3G?

    can you ping

    how about ping

    have you checked the Proxy settings?
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