Tips on "sealing" a case

I'm going to be being this case.

I was wondering if anyone could give me tips in how to seal the case off to insects. They have killed my power supply some time today while I was sleeping. They did it 5-7 times last year. At least I am assuming they are the cause, as it's happened to frequently to a quality PSUs.

It's happened twice to a "SeaSonic X Series X650 Gold" and the other times to OCZ power supplies (each time it happened they upgraded me to the next level PSU). The last 2 times to the SeaSonic.
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  2. And your 2011 years old?
  3. I didn't put in a year, guess when I put the month and day, they just put in 0000. I put the correct year though.

    Also, would these dust filters protect my power supply from insects? some of them can be pretty small.
  4. Unless the insects are smaller than dust particles (which are microscopic) then yes.
  5. And put one on the power supply fan inside (you will have to open your PSU)
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