***** cant get my PC to shut down *****

i put a new v-card in to day and after i could not boot up my computer or shut it down, i had to reset the bios to stock, lost my over clock and 1066 on my ram!

i got it to boot, but not turn off it locks up in the shut screen.... im using the same drives my 9800s gtx sc + was using, i did a driver reinstall too! looked for new drivers... re: 301.42 drivers

i am at a lose here... shut down shot not have any thing to do with bios right? ( HELP PLEASE )
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    Did you uninstall the old drivers before you installed the new graphics card?
    Usually its good practice to uninstall drivers -> swap cards -> install new drivers.
    Try uninstalling the drivers completely and restarting, it should still boot (although your display will be a bit average). Check if you have issues shutting down with no drivers and then see if when the drivers are installed the issues come back/remain.

    Regardless, it sounds like a software issue if you are able to boot.
    Might be worth doing a fresh install of Windows if all else fails.

    Its probably worth checking that all your BIOS settings are correct or at least set to their default values (or optimised defaults whatever). Doesn't sound like this is the cause of the issue however.
  2. reset bios check! reinstall drivers check. ( same drivers fyi ) i think i got it! ( did a restore ) i think it was a windows update. that's all i change in the restore.... boots fine now and shuts down so fare! ( now to test it more and get my over clock back )
  3. I did something wrong.. It shots done now but won't start up? I'm post from me phone... I bet it's something small to!
  4. Does it post?
    You could try some advanced boot options by pressing F8 before windows is suppose to load.
  5. Like boot from Cd?
  6. Well you could try that aswell.
    Do you know how to get into safe mode?
  7. In 7? No never had to...
  8. i got it to work great! had to do a windows reinstall... lol what a pain in the !!#
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  10. I found out what was wrong with my computer! ( keyboard drivers ) It was fine for yrs! i don't see why out of no where it started acting up? maybe a windows up date? ( i am going to try the updated drivers from the website ( Zboard )
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