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Hello, I have a Mac Book Pro and I`m thinking of getting a new computer because it can`t handle the 3rd party plugins I use when running Logic or Pro Tools. I need something that NOT going to stop all the time and be able to run my outboard gear without hiccups as well as my software without hiccups. I use Logic mostly and even though my MacBook Pro is fully blown, it just can`t handle it. Please help with suggestions. Also, is the Xeon better, more dependable and faster than the i7 processor. Thanks so much! Imani Z!
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  1. What are you looking to do?

    Build or buy?
  2. I was looking at the Mac Pro tower and was also wondering about xeon vs. the i7....
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    Which specific ones?

    The Mac pros are being phased out soon, so there aren't any new Sandybridge or Ivybridge Xeons.
  4. So Sorry aMuffin...believe it or not, my MacBook Pro just went out and won`t come back on. Anyway, thanks so much for your time and expertise. I`m really just a musician that uses Logic in the studio and Mainstage live. I really don`t know the tech side of computers at all, but I did run across your insight on the Mac Pro being phased out and info about the Sandybridge or Ivybridge. Thanks again for your time. Looks like I`m waiting for the middle or end of 2013. Peace....
  5. Thanks so much for the links and all the help! All of you guys are GREAT! I tried to find the "gold " flag above the best answer, but don`t see it . Anyway, thank you to all..... Peace, IZ
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