HELLO everyone I have recently been posting on this site and coming here any time I had a question or needed help with my build and I would just like to take the time to write a follow report for everyone who has helped me and great big thank you to the community for my first attempt first time ever doing something like this never built a comp before great success so far!

I came to this site numerous times researching what parts to get and this and that and came up with this build,

antec900 case
intel i5 2550k
8 gig kingston hyper x 1600 1.65 ( my mobo set it to 1333 1.5v automatically)
corsair 750watt enthuist series psu
asus p8z68 v pro mobo
galaxy gtx 680
cooler master evo cpu cooler
64gb crucial ssd
500 gb wd caviar blue
21" AOC LED LCD monitior 1920-1080
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  1. Great build! Post pictures if you can! :)
  2. how do you post pictures? =] thank you guys again I did a test run of swtor and am getting 110-111 fps =] much better than my laptop at 20-30 fps haha a happy man in this chair tonight
  3. got a 7.9 7.9 7.9 7.9 then 7.5 for my cpu in window index scoring, so i have a 7.5 overall since it takes the lowest number but this is still a good score am I correct?
  4. Upload image to imageshack and post the forum BBC code here.
  5. Yep. Your scores are the same as mine. :)
  6. Lookin' good ;)

    I'm on a six year old laptop. My Windows Index is 2.3 -.-
    Three of the categories aren't measurable. Yet I'm still advising on hardware. *sigh*... the irony (I'm actually waiting for IB for my new build... that's why I know hardware)

    By the way, just found out I'm ranked 10th for "Systems" this month!
  7. ok i got pics hang up posting codes now guys I have 38 pics its alot and they are probably not that great of pictures because I was more focused on my build itself and the task at hands in front of my while taking pics

  8. Shot at 2012-04-13

  9. Shot at 2012-04-13
  10. Oo, shiny! :P

  11. Shot at 2012-04-13

  12. Shot at 2012-04-13
  13. thanks guys I got more coming first time working with image shack hah, very awesome program though thanks for mentioning it !
  14. Drool... drool... drooldrooldrooldrool ;)

    How much did your build cost overall? Also, you've got liquid cooling, right? I can't tell for sure.
  16. I do not have liquid cooling this is my first build ever and I felt liquid cooling would be to hard for a first time and to risky if it ever fails! my case came with a big top fan two in the front and one in the back, I added in a additional 120mm fan to the fan mount provided in my case blowing towards my gpu ! So i feel my cooling is decent enough temps are reading at 27c on my cpu and gpu is steady around 35 37c
  17. Dang thats alot of pictures :D
  18. Oh... I guess your PSU cables looked a bit like water cooling hoses/pipes...

    How much did your total build cost? This seems like a generic build I'd just recommend to most people in your price range.
  19. NOW i cant wait to hit the battles in swtor and am waiting impatiently for Diablo 3, i started out my gaming career as a young kid with diablo and diablo II cannot friggen wait!
  20. This build cost me 1600 dollars worth of pretty pennies =] if i had someone build this for me we are looking at 3000 dollar comp am i right ?
  21. Probably a $2000 dollar computer, but yeah. Hmmm... yeah, that's a generic gaming rig. I'll probably cut it to $1500, and that'll be the base build for like the next three months :)

    Anyway, on that note, I'm done for the night. Have fun with your new build!
  22. I was really nervious the whole time building and my hand were sooo sweaty I started at 10pm and finished the next day at 4pm without sleep and a spanish 102 class in the mix too, after all the hard work and everything I" chill out" and get ready for my first boot, turn on the psu switch, press the power button nothing happened OMG what did i do wrong did I break something I was freaking out I though when I put in my cpu and closed the retention arm i had to push rather disturbingly hard and I heard some sqwuishy noise like pins were being crushed or something, so I was freaking out thinkinG i ruined my cpu and mobo alll in one action, haha but turns out I did some research and someone said if run a case fan to psu make sure it doesnt go back into your mobo mine was so I switched that all around get things in the right spot and booted right up have been loveing every moment since! 7.5 index score, 110 fps in swtor, drivers are good i think now im just stuck on a ssd hdd question but that is for another date.. anyone looking to do a build if you use my extact parts go for it ! I never did this before and I was able to figure it out so I would recommend it to a first time builder..
  23. some tricky spots i ran into was connecting the sata cables into my mobo holy crap what a tight twist bend fit to get them connected and if you connect anything in the wrong spot its a pain to try and unplug things get it right the first time so you dont risk breaking stuff trying to get things in and out !
  24. Go. To. Sleep. ;)
  25. Cheers to that
  26. What a cool Rig you have
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