Need help changing from a gt430

Hey guys, so i recently got a new desktop, but the graphic card is starting to annoy me. I wasn''t really into gaming when i first got it so I went with the gt 430 1Gb DDR3 and tbh it really sucks. I can barely get 50 fps in mw2 1920-1080 with everything turned off and I cant run skyrim at all in full HD with everything turned off and im really not going with anything lower than 1920-1080 because my monitor is kinda big and anything lower is just ugly.
So can you guys please recommend any better GPUs that would last me a while. I have a price budget of around 250-300 USD but Im guessing id have to upgrade the PSU too because its crap : /

I'll primarily use the card for some hardcore gaming, watching movies and the occasional photo editing.

Thanks for the help!

P.S, I currently have a Phenom II x4 and 4gigs of ram if it makes any difference xD
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  1. hello
    we will need to know your power supply rating

    $270 HIS IceQ X Turbo Radeon HD 6950 2GB

    $70 CORSAIR Builder Series 600W ATX12V v2.3 80 PLUS Power Supply
  2. Hey thanks a lot for the replies, my current PSU is around 300W, sorry I can't find the exact number right now im not at home : / but it would be great if i could upgrade my GPU to something decent without needing to upgrade PSU. The gt 430 needs 300W recommended so I think I can manage something decent without upgrading the PSU, meh im not sure : /
  3. Well you will not upgrade to something decent with just a 300W PSU, probably max is this:

    Which is probably not much more than your GT 430... maybe just 10%-20% increase. Now, it's maybe that you don't want to pay over $250, so what you can do is get a lower card and cheaper PSU.

    Not much as future proof as the one before, but it should be enough for your games for a cheaper price.
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