System upgrade!

Iam kinda new here... my current system config is:
Intel DG33FB classic series
Core2quad 6600
2GB 800 mhz DDR2 SDRAM
320 GB HDD
Cooler master Real power 550 W
32 bit windows

I want to switch to 64 bit Windows 7.. so planning to upgrade my system to
500 GB HDD
Graphic card with 1 GB memory
Can I go ahead with my plans? IF so should I split RAM to 4 + 4 or 2GBX4?
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  1. Ddr3 is so much cheaper, I would get these two items:

    Be sure to get a board with both vga and dvi ports; it's good to have a spare port in case one goes bad.
  2. thank you for your reply 01die..

    My MB supports only ddr2 :( and as of now am not planning to change the board...

  3. Then I would check craigslist for used ddr2; try to match the brand and speed you have now. 2x2 gb kits can go for $40 used in the states.
  4. Intel doesn't show that your board will support a 4 Gb DDR2 module, so if you want 8 Gbs you need to go 4 x2 Gb. you really don't need more than 4 GB's for most things so I would just get 2x2gb DDR2 800 sitcks and save yourself some money.
    THG's Memory article:,2778.html

    this chart shows some of the tested sticks:
    DDR2 compatibility chart. I would suspect that current Kingston or Crucial 2 Gb sticks would work fine. or just google the model number on the chart for 2 gb sticks if you want the exact modules listed.

    on the OS/MB compatibility chart. 64bit win 7 is supported "as is" which I think means that the only drivers are probably for vista and should work, but they didn't make specific ones for win7...
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