Hi guys, I'd like your opinion on this new build. I already bought essentially everything but many things remain unboxed so could be changed. I am pretty happy though. Mostly for video editing and eventual games.

I7 8320 sandy bridge-e (with coolermaster hyper 212 evo)
asus p9x79 pro
16 gb (4x4) gskill ripjaw z 1600
evga gtx570 superclocked
ante nine hundred two v3
psu: silencer 760w
3 data hard drives 1 tb each (this may change in the future.. for the moment one is boot and the other 2 are put in RAID)
monitor dell led 24''

I think I'm not forgetting anything important :)
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    great build but i would suggest the following changes-
    go with 78050 or 7870.570 is outdated.
    instead of 3 HDDs,go with a single 2tb drive with a ssd.for example-samsung f4 2tb for storage and crucial m4 128gb ssd for high priority aps and os.
    hd 7850-
    f4 2tb-
    m4 128gb-
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply!

    Actually the reason for the gtx is that I will be among other things using adobe premiere, and would want to take advantage of mercury.

    I do plan to update my graphics card in 1 or 2 years definitely.

    You are right about the hard drives, I'll think about it!
  3. Yeah, for video editing CUDA cores are very useful. Great build!
  4. Finally went for the m4 :)
    I thought about getting a cheaper drive. There is an OCZ Agility 3 for $100, which is $45 difference.. but I guess it's not worth it, and the drive is not the part where one wants to be cheap I suppose.
  5. good decision.
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