AMD and Intel max temps.

I found this site which gives you critical temps for AMD and intel CPUs.

If you can add anything else, please do.
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  1. And for the classic Tom's hardware video-
  2. And one for the intel side with some AMDs-
  3. Incorrect info on the AMD Phenom x4 critical temperatures. My AMD Phenom x4 9150e here hit 200f in BIOS before I shut it down.
  4. Recon-uk, isn't 62c a little low is terms of max temp for a quad core?
  5. Quote:
    Phenom II max temp is 62c...
    They are cooler running chips than intel.


    I'm running a Hyper 212+ and ambient temperature is 25C. Temps usually max out at around 49C-50C if I leave it on overnight.
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