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  1. Just needs an Operating System...
  2. yeah i know. Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit will be fine. i asked only about the hardwares. anything else? = ))
  3. OK why are you buying a network adapter, as all modern mobos have built in GB ethernet.

    Also for that price i would try and pick up a Z77 mobo, like this one

    The rest is good even if your GPU is a little weak. Again this would be a better performer for the money
  4. I have that same exact case, its awesome, only drawback was that it only come with one fan, the blue intake fan, you'll need at least one more 120 mm fan for rear exhaust,

    The case supports a total of 6 fans, front intake-120/140mm fan, bottom 120 mm fan,two top 120 mm fans and another 120 mm fan on the clear side panel

    I got Cooler master sickleflow 120 red fan as rear exhaust, and a masscool blue led fan as rear top exhaust. I had another masscool as a bottom intake fan but moved it to my hyper 212+

    The sickle flow fans come in many diff colours u can check them out here:
  5. thanks a lot.
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