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This new build has been going very smoothly, but Ive got an HDMI output issue.

Here are my specs:
ASUS F1A75-V PRO Integrated AMD Radeon™ HD 6000
A8-3850 Quad Core Processor
Sentey BX2-4291 v2.3 ATX Mid-Tower Case
8GB of Muskin DDR3 & Muskin120GB SATA 3 SSD Drive
Windows 7 Pro 64bit. Updated ALL drivers today.

I hooked it up to my Samsung 46"(software updated) via HDMI and have no picture.
Ran The AMD Vision center software and told it to detect displays. No joy. :fou:
The cable is fine, It works great on my old PC's HDMI output.

I consulted the Mobo manual and didn't see any step that I have missed (or did I?).
I flashed the bios today(BIOS AMI)
Set the video output in bios to HDMI.

Other than this issue its been working great. :bounce:

Are there certain procedures to use when setting up a second display? Any help is appreciated.
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  1. if the vision did not detect did you activate the hdmi on the inboard from the vision panel and all driver are up to date
  2. ok, I decided to swap the hdmi port on my tv, power it down, restart it, and voila! great picture, but no sound.
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    enable 'amd hdmi output' in sound devices
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  5. problem solved thanks for all the help
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