Dell E6410 missing "Graphics Options" right-click menu

Dell E6410 laptop running Windows XP SP3 with Dell dock.

I've been using the right-click "Graphics Options" > Output To > Monitor + Digital Display method to use dual monitors with my docked E6410. The Graphics Options menu has gone missing after I attached my laptop to another monitor temporarily (without the dock). I believe the Intel GMA Control Panel is what this is, and it's missing. I've installed the latest Intel HD Graphics Driver ( to try to get it back but to no avail.

Is there a way that I can restore the GMA control panel, or is there a separate download just to install the GMA control panel perhaps?

This is the Control panel I am referring to:

My chipset though shows:
Detected Chipset:
Mobile Intel® 5 Series Chipset
Platform Component Hub:
Intel® QM57 SATA Controller found in AHCI mode

Thanks in advance - Richard
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  1. Did you try the other methods shown on the page you link to? Like:

    Opening Windows* Display Control Panel and selecting Settings > Advanced > Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile > Graphics Properties
  2. Yes, it's as if the Intel GMA control panel has been deinstalled or disabled. The "Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile" tab is not at the location anymore. I'm thinking there must be a way to install just the Intel GMA control panel...if installing the entire Intel HD driver didn't do it.
  3. I've experienced this a few times in the last few days when connected to the Dell USB-C dock. Each time I have to re-install the Intel driver and reboot.
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