Speed up network and WD World Edition 2

I have been trying to speed up my intranet and internet. Have 2 Broadband connections (1 ADSL 2 & BT Infinity - Fibre).
Adsl 2 (up to 10 meg) running D-Link 2680 - 68 mbs wireless 100mbs ethernet best I can achive.
BT 2 Infinity (20 - 40 meg) running BT Wireless 2 router - 54 mbs wireless and 100mbs ethernet best I can achieve.
Have a TP- Link SG1005D 1000mbs switch.
2 Destop PCs Windows 7 10/100/1000 ethernet card and 10/100 card.
Laptop 10/100 card and Linksys WPC300N wireless 300mbs adapter.
Also WD 1TB (500 mirrored) network storage.
Tried to bridge connections etc but not much luck.
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  1. Does the WD have a gigabit connection? So far I'm not seeing any issues here. You have 100mb cards, which will only get your 100mb transfers, and the WD which probably has 100MB network as well. The 300mb wireless, depending on where the laptop is, 68mb is not bad. The BT Wireless router, is it an N speed one?
  2. Thanks for reply. Yes WD does have Gig and BT router is supposed to be N speed.
    WD is connected to 1 Gig switch via 10/100/1000 built in ethernet card. Switch is connected to 200mbs Powerline connector fed by BT Router.
    PC beside is connected to it's own 200mbs Powerline and 1Gig switch (2 network cards). First card 10/100 so I know it will be restricted but second card is 10/100/1000 so I hoped WD and PC would use switch to "talk" at 1 Gig.
  3. Oh, powerline... you are probably not getting anywhere close to 200mb, those things are usually quite bad with transmission speeds. If you want to make sure the gig connections are being used, go to network config, binding order, and make sure the gig cards are first.
  4. Thanks, now getting 1 Gig to WD and 100mbs internet. I might get new router to get over 100mbs but might be waste of money if Powerline will not utilise it.
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