GeForce 8800 ultra- Vegas Pro (9 or 11) Secondary GPU for preview

Hi. Thank you for reading. Ill try to be as specific as possible with my question. Ive searched for hours and i get conflicting data everytime. I called Nvidia and they were useless, i couldnt even understand the lady.

Im doing music video editing. I have a quad6600 8 gigs of ram a geforce 8800 ultra and use vegas pro 11. I want to have a triple monitor set up. identical monitors. I want to add a second video card and dedicate it to the preview screen for Vegas. Is this possible? I will not be using SLI again NO SLI. all i want is to throw a cheap card ( GT 220) in to support my third monitor. I can make the 8800 my primary or secondary it doesnt matter to me i just want to reduce the lag on the preview and have it on a dedicated screen. Also i can downgrade to vegas 9 if that can get rid of the lag. its useless for video editing when i cand line up my mouth with the vocals.

Also i need all three monitors to be extended mode. As in i need to ba able to use Vegas on all three screens

PLease help. again i searched far and wide using multiple combinations of keywords and questions and got nothing

Thanks again

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