Z77 or x79?

Hello community, I'd like to ask you guys, about an issue I've been thinking about.
I'm building my new gaming pc, but I'm not so sure if I should go with a ASUS ROG Formula motherboard and a x79 Intel 3820 or an ASUS ROG Formula/ThunderFX and a 3770k, I want to OC the cpu to 4GHz+ something like 4.2 4.4, still not sure but I would like to hear your opinions! Thanks everybody. BTW I'm going to use H100 from Corsair to cool the cpu
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  1. imo asus z77 + core i7 3770k better value for gaming performance than the 3820 + x79. 3820 is not fully unlocked like 3770k.
  2. okay, but how future proof is the z77 platform? BTW is your cpu oc? if yes at what speed is your cpu clocked
  3. It all depends on your usage, for just gaming a quad core intel i7 is superb, no need to step up to a x79 system unless you want to pop in a six core i7 3930K/3960X for multi-threaded applications.
    The i7 3820 doesn't differ too much from the i7 2600K or the 3770K, difference would be around 3-5% which doesn't have an impact on real world performance.

    You'll be able to reach 4.5GHz easily with any of the above CPUs but the 3770K gets really hot when overclocked, So I recommend i7 2600K or i7 3820.
  4. nothing is futureproof in the world of technology. your hardware becomes outdated the moment you buy them.
  5. Well here's the thing, I'm pretty sure I'll be using some really cpu demanding apps well not REALLY demanding, but demanding, so the cpu is also kind of important (not as the gpu, but yeah) About the temps, well thats an issue then, I've heard that the ivy bridge cpus get really hot easily
  6. Still no need to spend on a six core i7 unless it does matter to you the seconds and milliseconds in rendering applications, the i7 2600K is a quad core with intel HTT technology, you'll get a close performance to the top end CPUs out there while paying less.

    Next year Intel Haswell will be released, it will be based on a 8-10 core processing with 30-35 MB of shared L3 cache with DDR4 memory support and a set on new instructions, you can't really trust technology so you don't have to spend that much.
  7. Yeah, but I bet that will be expensive, and I mean in the end what really maters in videogames is the gpu
  8. Also the CPU plays a big role specially in Multiplayer games in RPG games, in large maps a lot of work is being down by the CPU and the top end GPUs will bring down to their knees if you have a weak CPU, but still the i7 series are the top performers and it's all similar in gaming performance.
    Can you see a difference between $1000 CPU and a $300 one?

  9. Yeah I play a lot of Multiplayer, specially Battlefield 3, thanks for all your help man
  10. de5_Roy said:
    nothing is futureproof in the world of technology.

    Both LGA1155 and LGA2011 will be on their way out by this time next year assuming Intel does not delay Haswell.

    As has been said by many including myself in the past: buy what you need for the foreseeable future when you need it, don't obsess with "futureproofing" since whatever you buy will most likely be obsolete anyway by the time you want to upgrade it.

    This is particularly true with Intel's next two product generation with Haswell moving to LGA1150 and Broadwell moving to DDR4 with integrated IO Hub, which means two back-to-back socket changes. No futureproofing whatsoever socket-wise for the next four years or so in Intel's camp, whatever you put into a motherboard initially will likely be what you will retire the motherboard with unless you bought a grossly under-powered initial CPU or the board blows up.
  11. ^^ lol nice ending there Inavlid, so true :)
  12. Actually Ivy Bridge-E is comming out for LGA 2011 next year so if you go with the i7 3820 you can upgrade later whereas the i7 3770K is the best CPU for LGA 1155 and if in the future you want better CPU performance you'll need a new motherboard.

    Bottomline is go with the i7 3820 if you can afford it.
  13. And as a sidenote Haswell processors will be at maximum quad cores.LGA 2011 will still be the high-end platform.
    Kind of like how Intel Core i7 990X despite being two generations older will still outperform a 3770K in heavily threaded applications and will deliver the same gaming performance.
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