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Hd 6570 or GT 440

I was wondering if I should get the 1gb ddr3 HD 6570 or the 512mb ddr5 GT 440. I am on an extremely tight budget of around 50$ and both of these cards are 49.99 after rebate on Newegg. I know that either of these cards will be a big improvement over my ddr2 HD 5450. My maximum resolution is 1280x1024 and I am using the generic 400 watt psu that came with my system. Please ask if you need to know anything else about my system. Almost forgot to mention; I want to play games like Skyrim, World of Tanks, Modern Warfare 2, and possibly Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.
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  1. This is an interesting one. Specs wise, they both trade punches with GT440 hitting with the higher core clock and the 6570 making up for it in every other aspect.
    In the end, the chart by our very own Tom's Hardware seems to name the HD6570 the winner.
    Both are relatively low power cards so, I don't think power will be that much of a problem. Unless of course your PSU is seriously dodgy.
    Don't expect maxed out graphics for your games but they'll serve you just fine. :)
  2. I would definitely go with the 6570, but neither of these cards will be able to handle BF3 without catching fire.

    Despite that, the other games you have listed would run fine on it on medium or so graphics.

    The power supply is not applicable really; these cards use almost no power. If you can though try to find a cheap DDR5 version of the 6570 or 5570 (they are the same) since the DDR5 is faster.
  3. So, with the GT 440, the ddr5 doesn't make it better than the ddr3 6570?
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    If you look at that chart, the DDR3 6570 is above the DDR5 GT440. Nvidia does not make any good low-end cards at the moment except maybe the GT240, which is still a good card, yet old and hard to find.
  5. hd 6570 will be more better because it uses less power then gt 440 and gives more perfromance then hd 6570 so no need to go with gt 440.
  6. buy GTS 450 1GB DDR3~
  7. srafig4 said:
    buy GTS 450 1GB DDR3~

    It isn't in my budget, and the ddr3 GTS 450s I found cost just as much as the retail ddr5 models.
  8. Thanks for the help guys. :D
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