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I am adding a third monitor to my home PC, and need a second video card. I currently have a GeForce 7800GT PCIe x16 card, and only a PCIe x1 slot available. Will it cause any problems to buy a newer x1 video card and run it side-by-side with the 7800GT? I'm not needing SLI or anything, just the additional video ports.
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  1. You can certainly do that, but I would recommend getting a newer graphics card that can simply run all 3 out of the box. Most newer AMD cards do this, and it's becoming more common on NVidia cards. Just shop around for a newer card in your projected price range and read a quick review to see if it supports what you're looking to do.
  2. I've looked into that, but I'm not looking to spend more than 50-60 on the new card. I don't game, I just need more plugs for monitors. I'm a software developer, hence the need for 3 screens.

    Also, with doing a single card that supports 3 monitors...that prevents me from adding a fourth down the road if I need or want to.

    Anyway..thanks for confirming it will work. If you do happen to know of a card around $60 that would do 4 monitors, I'd love to hear about it - cheers.
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