Any card allow output to a 2-speaker home stereo?

Hello folks. I was just wondering whether there are any sound cards that allow output to my home audio receiver. I know that the SB live and Turtle Bay cards have digital outputs, but my impression was that they worked only with 4+ speaker surround sound systems. Am I correct in this assumption, or is there a way that they might work in two channel stereo? The reciever is Dolby Digital and Pro-Logic compatible, if that has any relevance.

Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.


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  1. Any sound card can. You need an adapter that will go from the sound card output to the RCA jacks in you receiver. Set the Sound card to only use 2 speakers.

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  2. Yes, the cables he mentioned are used to connect portable CD players to home stereos, they have one male stereo mini headphone connector on one end and two RCA male connectors on the other. They will connect ANY standard sound card to ANY home stereo that has standard inputs. They cost around $3, I bought my last one at Meijers (a discount store), but you can also get one at Radio Shack.

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  3. in what way do you want to connect it? any sound card can connect the way the other two have suggested but if you want s/pdif you need a card like the game theater xp which has s/pdif and optical. i cant see anny reason why this wont let you use 2 speakers. presently im running that card through my hifi which has only two speakers on it. (but not through s/pdif or optical)
  4. If you just want plain 2 speaker sound on your stereo then use that adapter and connect as follows:

    1/8" mini stereo plug to "line-out" on soundcard.
    2 RCA plugs (the other end) to "AUX" on back of stereo. You can use any input or playback jacks on the back of the stereo except "Phono". If you don't have a free one, buy some "Y" adapters and "share" one.

    If you want to record onto the computer:
    Connect "Line In" on soundcard to "AUX" or any record jacks on your stereo.

    As you can see "AUX" makes life simple.

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