Outlook 2007 file size on disk stays same after archiving

For some reason, when I archive my personal folder, the size of the outlook.pst is not decreasing? I'm following the same steps, e.g. I close outlook after archiving, then re-open and compact the personal folder. From WITHIN Outlook, the personal folder size shows that it's been reduced significantly. But from my file manager view, the file size continues to grow, and is now approaching 2G. While I know this Outlook 2003 2G max limitation was "fixed" in Outlook 2007, I still don't understand why the size on disk doesn't reflect the fact that I've archived?

I'm running Outook 2007 under Windows 7 (64 bit)

I'm assuming this may be a problem because Outlook occasionally hoses up for no apparent reason?

I checked my page file size versus my RAM and since they were both ~ 6G, I followed the advice received elsewhere in this forum to increase the page file size. I have now set it at 9G to 12G.
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  1. How much emails have been archived?
    Whats the size of archive.pst?
    Did you check the mailbox size from outlook? whats the size it show?
    On outlook Tools > Mailbox Cleanup > View Mailbox Size
  2. Thanks for your response... I'm a recruiter so I get lots of emails with resumes attached... Accordingly, I archive every quarter. Each quarterly archive.pst averages around 500mb in size.
    What concerns me is that when I check the mailbox size from WITHIN outlook it shows what I would expect -- my personal folder ranges anywhere from 150mg (immediately after I archive) to 800mg (when it's time to archive again). But when I look at that personal folder's outlook.pst on disk (C-drive), it's not getting any smaller and continues to grow. Currently it is 1.4G!
  3. Now, i would suggest, recreate your .ost file.
    Archive as much as you can and then simply delete .ost
    when you will open the outlook, your emails will be synchronized and .ost will be recreated.
  4. Mzaf -
    Thanks for your response. It is a .pst file, not an .ost file.
    I'm assuming that the same logic applies, i.e. archive everything in my current outlook.pst, close outlook, then delete outlook.pst, and open outlook.

    Is this something you have done? Has anyone else done this?
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