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I've been looking at prebuilts for a little bit now... I built my last one and would like to build this one but with my money needing to go towards getting a new car, buying a house... I'd rather finance one instead of spending the cash upfront right now.

With the build I had with AW, it came out around $1800...I really dont play much anymore, but I still play... BF3, Red Orchestra 2, will be playing guild wars 2 when its out but my current rig plays these now, BF3 on med. settings... I would like to get it on high, doesnt have to MAX it out but anyways...

My only concern with the Aurora is airflow... Doesnt look like it has great airflow and thats important to me...

Anyone know of any mods that I can rig up with fans?
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  1. You could buy a fan controller if your board has 3 pin fans, if they are propitiatory like dells are then your screwed since most of dells cases are their own 4 pin fan layout that isn't compatible with aftermarket fan controllers.
  2. Bill Me Later is also an option.
  3. Specs of the one I built on their site:

    CPU: i7 3820 @ 4.1ghz
    RAM: 8gb 1600mhz DDR3
    GPU: 2gb Radeon HD 7870
    HDD: 2TB Raid 0 (2x 1TB)

    Like I said, I dont need anything serious anymore, dont have the time to game like I used to. Also, how do I find out what CPU cooler AW uses?

    Ill likely replace all the fans with betters ones after getting the PC and seeing what size fans they have and how many their are.
  4. yeah, i figured as much as it cost, overheating shouldnt be an issue but I did read some reviews where it was.

    My brother has a dell inspiron PC that we got for $500 and put a new video card in a few years back, small solid metal box with 1 exhaust fan on the rear.. while gaming, (i know, its not a gaming pc) his CPU would hit 65-78c... I cut a hole in the side, put a 120mm fan on it and another 120mm in the front to pull air in from the vents and took it down to 41-45 while gaming and 32-35 at idle!

    crazy what 2 fans can do to a case with no intake
  5. Have you considered just using a liquid cooled system?
  6. After reading, the AW uses a CPU liquid cooler
  7. Have you considered that Newegg offers financing themselves?

    You could build the system you really want and still have 1 year to pay up with no interest.

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    It's not that AW machines aren't nice. The cases I've seen are top notch quality and the bits inside are generally quite nice, but they're just so damn over priced. What you're really paying for is the warranty, so the question you have to ask yourself is that important to you or not?
  8. I didnt realize they financed!!

    Thanks for that link! Im def. going to go that route then, I'd much rather build one myself than get prebuilt!
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