Ati radeon hd 5450 Seems slow Performance tests at 3.9 but CPU tests at 7.3

I have a HP destop computer Model e9220f with ADM quad core AMD Phenom II x4 910, windows 7 X64 and 8 Gb RAM DDR3. Analysing my Windows experience index the Graphics is at 3.9 and processor at 7.1, Memory at 7.9 Gaming graphics at 5.8 Primary hard disk 5.9. Everything works but it seems slow at times. Have diskeeper and work on keeping everything clean. What can I do to get more speed. Do not use high end games, just business office stuff and photoshop.
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  1. The 5450 is a low end card , its up to you if you want to get a better affordable card to give you more performance , but like you said you dont do much high end gaming so it depends how much its bothering you.
    As an example you could always grab a 6770 like this for $79 after rebate
  2. An 5450 is enough for business office and photoshop.
    But why does an 3.9 score bothers you? Does it lag or something? Do you have issues?
  3. An 5450 should be more than sufficient for normal 2D tasks, it is even ok for some low-end 3D tasks...
  4. windows experience does not mean much. How is your pc slow?
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