Will sapphire hd 6950 2gb fit into dell xps 420?

hello, thanks in advance

xps 420
corsair hx 650w psu
intel core 2 quad q9450 @2.66mhz OC 3.2mhrz
corsair force 3 120g ssd
hitachi hdt72 1tb hd
dell OG254h motherboard
8gb corsair xms DDR3 1333mhz ram

my question is:-

a) will the saphire HD 6950 2gb dual fan edition fit into the xps 420 case?

b) will i have any problems running the card with this set up?
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  1. wow 52 views and no responce, i came here for advice because you guys are suposed to be the best forum helpers around....

    come on guys... anyone got an answer for this?
  2. nice, if i wanted gibberish i would have asked my 18 month old boy.
  3. dude please, if you have nothing constructive to say or any advice on the topic at hand please stop posting, i came here for help not for a glimpse into how lonley you are.
  4. ohh nice trolls posts been removed, thanks forum police :D

    ok bit the bullet and bought one of these bad boys, with DSR (distance sale regulations) you have 28 days to change your mind and return any item bought on the interweb so if it dont fit can send it back.
  5. Hahaha. For a moment there i thought you are talking to yourself until I saw your last comment about the trolls post being removed.

    Sorry no one was able to help you there, but I hope what you ordered will fit in your case. Come back if you need more help.
  6. hey thanks dude, my fingers are crossed it fits, if it dont then im gonna cry, wife is pregnant with twins so cant afford to upgrade whole pc...
  7. Wow! Congratulations. I got twin boys too. They are the boys in my avatars reading the "Turbo C" programming language book.
    They are 21 years old & are both working for Microsoft. I wish all the best for your babies & the PC. Regards to your wife. If you need any advice about how to take care of twin babies, just PM hahaha! :)
  8. just a quick update, YES the sapphire hd 6950 dual fan edition will fit into xps 420 and runs great...

    hope this helps someone else.
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