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Hi Everyone,

Hopefully a quick n' easy question for someone with building experience...

Is there a recommended 'best order' to install components onto the motherboard, and whether to do so prior to or after securing the motherboard into the case? I realize it may vary depending on the combination of parts and case, but I'm thinking there must be a proven way to give yourself the most room to work and avoid damaging surrounding parts. Secondly, would it be a bad idea to install the CPU/heat sink onto the motherboard prior to installing the MB into the case? I'm just thinking that it would be a lot easier with free motion outside the case, rather than installing delicate parts with your arms bent at odd angles once it's down in your case.

Thanks for any pointers.
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  1. I would go

    Cpu/Heatsink onto Mobo->RAM onto Mobo-> Mobo into case->Graphics Card, any additonal expansion cards onto mobo
  2. Before mobo into case, you should test it to make sure that it works outside of the case. Just make sure that it's on a non conductive surface.
  3. RAM and CPU into mobo. CPU heatsink backplate if needed. Mobo into case. CPU heatsink, and GPU in.
  4. I have found it easier to put the RAM, CPU, Cooler, and GPU onto the Motherboard before placing it in the case. I tried fitting a Radeon 7950 into my case with the motherboard already inside the case and it was a pain getting it to fit.
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