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wl guys i need ur opinion in this matter as in my area there is a lot of voltage fluctuation so i want a servomotor AVR stabilizer for my new i7 ivy psu will be either cosair gs800 or cm silent pro m 850 watts.The servvo stabilizer options available are

Alfadigital PSE-1200 digital voltage regulator (

Stabimatic SF series servo stabilizer 1500va (

i need ur opinions in this regard
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  1. guys i need ur suggestions in this regard?
  2. Why would you use a servomotor stabilizer instead of a UPS? The servomotor stabilizers at the links that you provided should be powerful enough.
  3. i cannt afford an APC or any other good branded ups of 1.5kva as it will cost me 600+ dollars up here sir thts y going fr servo options
  4. bought stabimatic gold series gl1500va servo stabilizer
  5. It should meet your requirements.
  6. ya :)
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