Dont know what case

I don't know what case to buy between the following. I have a p8z77-v lk motherboard and seasonic 520w psu.
I want a blue themed motherboard for 60$- (sales)
Cm 690ii Advanced
MSI Interceptor Series Stealth
Zalman Z11
MSI Interceptor Series Ravager
Zalman Z9
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  1. And with your choices, I would take Cm 690ii Advanced,

    its better case than the other ones.

    But of course, its personal preference.
  2. MSI Interceptor Series Ravager
    If your going with a blue theme then this case fits that theme inside and out.
  3. I`m also looking for usb 3.0 too so i think ill go for MSI. Those cases also look well made and good ventilation. I may add a side window too.
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