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Difference between SB Pentium and Celeron

Ok I want to do a cheap build for everyday use and playing some old games. The two processors I was looking at Pentium G620 and the Celeron G550. Both are based on the Sandy Bridges architecture, both are dual core, both are clocked the same but the Celeron is alot cheaper. So what's the difference? If the performance is the same it would seem pointless to spend 13 dollars more on the Pentium.
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  1. The only difference i can think of is the celeron has less L3 cache.,53483
  2. I didn't really look at the L3 cache.
  3. G620 is 14 mo older.

    G620 has Level 3 cache size - Shared 3 MB

    G550 has Level 3 cache size - Shared 2 MB

    That's all.
  4. So for what I want to do which would be better? Would the L3 cache really make any difference?
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    The difference will be not noticeable.

    I would take the older one though : )

    Because of the L3 cache.
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  7. Good luck!
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