CPU running hot

hey guys, I noticed that on HW monitor, my CPU is hotter than GPU when idle.
when idle, CPU is about 45 C
and in battlefield 3, CPU reaches up to 75C while the GPU reaches to about 77C
btw, i overclocked my GTX 560 a bit with a voltage bump.
is my CPU temp safe?
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  1. Your load temps are high, your idle temps are a bit higher than they should be..
    What heatsink are you using?
  2. How long have you had the computer as it is now , have you added anything ?

    The heatsink that you have did it come with thermal compound preapplied?
    Is the heatsink securely attached to the cpu and not loose?
    Any dust buildup in the heatsink fan or any of the intake fans.
  3. What CPU?

    Is it OC'd?
  4. What is the room temp?
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