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Flashed VBios, messed up, need help

ok, so i decided after much overclocking to start fresh, after noticing i had no backup bios i went to the internet... found the one on a large vbios list (forgot the site), its a big one tho

and flashed away

it dosent post anymore with the card in

if i set it to non primary (internal primary) it gets to the starting windows screen, and sticks at a grey screen

ive done several blind flashes no success, any ideas on how to fix it
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  1. His radeon hd 6770 btw :P
  2. And what exactly were you trying to flash a 6770 to? The only video card that I think flashing the BIOS on is a good idea would be a HD 6950 to a HD 6970 and I'm not even sure you can still do that anymore. What were you trying to accomplish by flashing a 6770? It's a low mid range card. You are not going to break any overclock records with it.......
  3. i know... i wanted a little more o/c outta it... but now its buggered and im looking for help...
  4. If you did not back up the original BIOS before you flashed it i'm pretty sure you killed the card. Oh well, at least now you can get something more powerful!
  5. ok, thanks anyways
  6. err also, i can get it into safe mode with the card as secondary, and gpu-z still shows it
  7. ok, without any amd drivers installed, i can get it too boot with the card as secondary, its showing the core at 0MHz, and the ram at 175*MHz, there is several missing spots too :P
  8. Did you make a back up of the original bios? If you did you may be able to flash it back in safe mode. If that fails I would guess you just made yourself and expensive brick. Having flashed several 6950's to take advantage of the additional shaders (btw this does not make it a 6970) I often say to users that if you want better performance buy a better card. With prices what they are this is the best way to do it.
  9. Just Re-Flash It With Another BIOS From The Same Card, Doubt It Would Matter If It Was The Same Brand
  10. ive tried several 6770/5770 bioses.. there basically alike, i can flash from a dos usb i made, but as i said it shows the core at 0MHz and the ram at 1724MHz
  11. mebbie this will shed some light?
  12. Pretty sure you bricked the card. That's why you make a backup of your BIOS before you try and flash it.
  13. Well since you made no reply to the question of did you make a back up I assume you did not. As a "Hail Marry" you might try using the RBE (Radon Bios Editor) "make" a bios with the correct parameters. All in all does sound like you got yourself a new door stop.
  14. ive contacted HIS digital to see what they have to say :P
    no backup
    and ive tried a few times now.... but no dice
    but ive got hope that HIS may be able to help me, which may just be blindly false :P
  15. EVGA has the best warranty in the business. They cover overclocking and overvolting and even aftermarket cooling. Guess what they don't cover? Yep, you got it. No way will HIS cover it.
  16. per expected.... they said screw off with a smile on their faces.... but yeah evga is my next choice so when i wanna screw around wiff my bios atleast im covered :P
  17. EVGA will disallow if they find you messed with the bios.
  18. Dogsnake said:
    EVGA will disallow if they find you messed with the bios.

    ^ Yep.

    As I said above they have the best warranty ever and even they do not cover flashing the BIOS.
  19. ahh kk, well mebbie its time to stay away from bioses for me then :p
  20. well due to some new bioses on techpowerup my gpu is up and running again, thanks anyways guys
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    That's awesome. You got major lucky. ;)
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