GIGABYTE Z68X-UD4-B3 and 2 GTX580s not working

So I got this system about 6 months ago and everything was great for about two months.

The specs were as follows:
INTEL I7-2600K 3.40 GHZ 8M Cache clocked to ~4.0GHz
running windows 7 64bit on a 2TB drive coupled with a 30GB SSD and intel smart response

After those first two months, the computer started crashing whenever it was bumped. The screen would go black, a low monotone note would blast through the speakers and the fans in the case would go into overdrive. Naturally, I would freak and give it a hard reset. As long as the seperate hard drive bios would "reconstruct the metadata" on the SSD, everything would start up fine.

One time, the hard drive bios did not "reconstruct the metadata", and chkdsk started running and was wiping the whole drive. So i turned off the smart response and installed windows on the 30GB SSD and used the 2TB drive as a data drive. However the computer would still crash if nudged.

I need the computer for work, so I keep using it, and in the next few weeks I'm constantly searching forums and whatnot for an answer as to what is going on. Meanwhile, the computer is getting more and more sensitive, as in footsteps near the computer will cause it to crash.

So it's the afternoon on a Monday, and I'm getting work done, and I decide to head downstairs and make some food. My dog must have gone into my room and made the computer crash, cause when I come back ten minutes later, the screen is black, the computer's fans are freaking out and my whole room smells like burnt ass.

I open up the computer, and take out the video card, which was the cause of the smell. I put in my old video cards (2x GTX 275s) and the computer runs perfectly. No more crashing. This is the build I'm currently using.

I go through customer service channels (bought through cyberpower. building my own crap next time, their customer service is awful), and they finally sent me two new GTX 580s after I sent back the burnt out ones a month ago. They were not overclocked and had one less fan on them, which is annoying because I payed for the overclocked ones, but interestingly enough, after I installed the new cards, the computer started crashing again whenever it was touched.

TL;DR vibrations cause my computer to crash when it has 2x GTX 580s in it, however it works perfectly with 2x GTX 275s. Is there something I'm screwing up here? Or is this build just incompatible with 2 GTX 580s? Would it be smart to just sell the new cards and pick up a GTX 680 or something?
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  1. what cooling do you have on your PC?
  2. I would recommend that you change your case to one that can accommodate more fans and install said fans. Alternatively you could look into liquid cooling because you look like you have an overheating problem.
    You have a lot of power hungry components (i7 2600k CPU over clocked! 2 580’s!) because of this I would recommend that you upgrade your PSU to a higher power, at least 1200 Watts to be safe, or at the least stick with 1000W but change your make to a more respected brand eg. Corsair or Seasonic. I’d recommend the corsair AX1200.
    To sum up and be more realistically money wise my recommendations are that you install more fans and change to a more powerful, or at least higher quality CPU:
  3. ?

    expensive for the liquid cooling but you can get nice temps even with duel 580s with liquid cooling...

    I also hope that i7 have aftermarket cooling at 4 ghz >_<
  4. I have liquid cooling in the pc, but it is only hooked up to the cpu.
    the case supports 240mm fans, and has as many fans as can be installed
  5. so the consensus is that 1000 watts off brand is not good enough to deal with these parts?
  6. Was the PSU made by cyberpower, if so then thats your problem they make shotty units and i have heard reports of that monotone note, its definitely a heating issue. Change your PSU brand and up the watts perhaps change to an all in one liquid cooler such as the aseteck 510lc.
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