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Dimension 9100 - CPU

I have a Dimension 9100 ( yeah i know it's old) and i am looking to upgrade my processor. Currently i have P4 630 and its running a bit sluggish so i have been doing some research. It looks to me like people are using Pentium D 950's and are having success. I found one for about $40 but i am hesitant to purchasing. The Dell documentation on this computer says the max cache is 2M ( ) though people are getting this 4M chip to work. Is the max for the mobo 2M cache per core? would this processor work?
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    The chipset that this board is using is the Intel® 945P and while Dell may have changed some of the settings and may not have updated the Bios to support newer processors in the end the chipset does support the Intel® Pentium® D 950 as seen under the compatible products tab on this site

    So I can't promise 100% that it will work I think that there is a very good chance that will work.
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  3. Thank you for your reply, i just needed some reassurement before going ahead with it :wahoo:
  4. I put an Intel® Pentium® D 945 in my Dimension 9100 and it runs like a champ. I picked it up for $11 on ebay.

    I also stuck in a new video card (Radeon HD 4550, $20 on ebay), and a faster hard drive on which I installed Windows 7 Professional (32-bit). I may go to 64-bit soon if I can find any info about what sort of performance improvement that would generate.

    I also have a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250 TV card that allows me to DVR and watch live HDTV flawlessly.

    I get a Windows Experience score of 5.1 (limited by CPU), which sounds above average for many computers just a year or so old.

    In any case, I am still very happy with my 7+ year old Dell, just thought I would share.
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