New build, hardware test failed?

So I'm not sure where exactly I should have posted this actual topic so this sub-category seemed to fit better than others. Anyway, in my last build my onboard sound card fried and caused my system to become unstable. So I went ahead and bought a new case (HAF 932) and a new motherboard (Asus M5A97). They came in last night and well, all hell broke loose. First my thermal paste from my previous build solidified and then had to heat that up to pull them apart (from my knowledge, no damage done) and from that got thermal paste on the CPU pins (removed with isopropyl alcohol (or something like that))... Now on to the actual problem.. I started building it today using the working parts from my old system (HDD's, RAM, PSU, and disk drives, and GPU), I "finished" the build about 2 hours ago and decided to test the hardware with an internal speaker that connects to the motherboard in hopes of a beep. No beep. Looked up some stuff and found it could be my RAM, so I took the RAM out of the case to see if it would beep to tell me no RAM on board. No beep still. The only time I can get a beep is when I take one of the power connectors out of the GPU (I get a long continuous beep).

Forgot to mention in body: I can turn on the computer and all case fans + GPU and CPU fans turn on but I get no POST from the BIOS. Also, I think it could be I killed the motherboard... I didn't know at the time of the build but I placed my mobo on top of the outside of the anti-static bag to put my CPU in it.

Another edit: I did plug in my monitor, to see if I could get a POST, nothing.

So, Toms Hardware forum, what do you think could be the problem? Bad Mobo or PSU?

CPU: AMD Phenom X6 1090T Black Edition
PSU: Kingwin 850W
RAM: Corsair XMS3 8GB (4x2GB)
HDD: 1 1TB Seagate Barracuda, 1 500GB Hitachi hard drive
Motherboard: ASUS M5A97
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  1. How long did you leave the CPU out to dry after you put the alcohol on it?

    It is possible you screwed up the motherboard if you put it in the new board wet.

    I am not a fan of the Kingwin 850w PSU, but if it was working before it should probably still be working now at least enough to be able to show some signs of life when the computer is turned on.

    Take out the video card and try to turn it on and see what happens.

    Also, you did the stuff it said in the manual, like installing the standoffs between the case wall and the motherboard, right?
  2. Thank you the reply! Im starting to think it could either be the CPU or possibly the motherboard (mostly the motherboard) because I tried a different PSU that I had laying around and the board would still not go into POST. To answer your questions I left it out for about 45min.. and with the GPU the system wont turn on unless the gpu is connected for some reason.. im planning on calling newegg on Monday about an RMA on the motherboard.
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