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Fairly elementary question from a new builder, I had everything assembled properly and have Windows and such fully functional. I have been using this rig for 2 weeks now on my TV because it has HDMI capabilities. I have an old monitor that I wish to use for a short time on and off, however it only has VGA. The mobo (Asrock Extreme3 Gen3 Z68) has VGA out, not an issue, but I am unsure how to disable the GPU in order to have the onboard take precedence. How does one do this? I'm going to have to make the switch back and forth a few times this month, so suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hope a quick answer can be arranged for this simple question.

Thanks again everyone,
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  1. Get a DVI-to-VGA adaptor. Most GPU's come with them, I'm surprised yours didn't.
  2. If the monitor is plugged in the mobo the discrete is disabled.
  3. Incidentally, I have the exact same motherboard. You'd be surprised, but you can just keep your main monitor running from GTX 560 Ti, and you can hook up another monitor directly to your motherboard, and everything should work (did for me!).
  4. Yep, on every z68 you can have both the integrated and discrete work at the same time. They won't work together to increase performance but you are capable of up to 4 monitors, 2 on each.

    You never said what you are doing to know if you want the power of the 560ti or not. Another alternative is virtu but an adapter is a better choice.
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