Will this Radeon HD 6770 bottleneck bue to other components?

I'm considering this card

I have:
E4600 Intel Core Duo @2.4GHz
PCIE x16 1.0
4GB Ram @ 666MHz
500W PSU
Vista x64

Do you think my hardware will bottleneck the card? If so, what is the best card you would recommend?
Or, on the flip side, do yo think I can handle a better card? Also if so, what is the best card you would recommend?

Mainly interested in games (Skyrim) and HD movies

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  1. You're fine. 6770 isn't a high end card and a Core 2 Duo isn't a low end CPU.
  2. yeah it's fine for medium settings.
  3. You should easily be able to achieve 3ghz with that cpu.

    6770 is a pretty decent card, so I would overclock the cpu a bit, your going to need the fastest cpu possible for Skyrim anyways.
  4. for skyrim, cpu oc might be good. make sure you have a good cpu cooler.
    c2d will run well with the 6770.
    if your psu is old, you might want to replace it with a better, newer one like corsair builder 500w or seasonic/antec 500w psu.
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