Only safe mode connection works

I have an issue with a home PC in that when connection in either wireless or ethernet connection to boradband it cust out after about 12mb (I think its 12mb as when you look at info for connection its circa 12,000 when it stops). If i run in safe mode with networking on its fine. I have tried running malware and it says everything is ok. Any thoughts?
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  1. Some questions:

    How old is your network card?

    Have you made any changes recently?

    Try disabling the windows firewall and trying again, what happened?

    When your internet stops working, can you still get to the Router's webpage?
    This is or for most routers.

    How are you able to view this website if the Ethernet doesn't work?

    Am i pretty?

    Answer those questions and then we can help more.
  2. Network card is 4-5 years old but why would it be the issue if it works fine in safe mode with networking on but in normal mode for either wirless or ethernet it stops at around 12,000 download if you watch the connection.

    Tried without firewall and no change.

    I can view the web page because it is able to display initialy before stopping.

    As for your looks well mirror mirror............
  3. Well you didn't lie about me being pretty, and you didn't tell the truth so i guess your ok.

    This is a nifty program that lets you scan your computer for possible spyware issues. post the log file on here and we can take a look at it.

    You can also follow this up with a good spyware/malware/antivirus sweep on your computer.

    Try downloading the latest drivers for your network card,

    If you still cannot connect boot in safe mode and remove the network card drivers.
    **Make sure you have a copy of your drivers on a thumdrive/cd/saved to your computer....**
    Now reinstall the cards drivers (if its not integrated into the motherboard then physically pull it out and put it back in using all proper safety precautions)

    Bring up the command prompt, ping what happens?

    BRB if i find more...


    Ok If the above fail lets go a diff route.

    Start > Run > MSconfig

    Goto the Startup Tab and start unchecking stuff. Almost nothing in this tab is needed to start basic windows.

    Try that, reboot and try the internet. The big difference between Normal and Safe is these extra things in startup tab
  4. I used to msconfig to remove all start-up apps and then add one by one and it turns out that the Dell network Assistant app is the culprit. Not sure what it was doing but its the only thing I ended up removing and everything is working well.

    So thanks for the help and I trust the mirror didn't tell any lies
  5. lol Sweet! select me as best answer and we can call it even! : )

    Glad to hear its fixed
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