Audigy 2 Platinum EX vs Sound Blaster X-Fi

Hi! I want to buy a set of decent headphones. I'm looking at a Roccat Kave, which supports real 5.1 surround sound.

Now, my pc has an Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum eX installed. However, it doesn't support the 3 analog plugs I need (all 3.5 jacks).
The External box has the following connectors:

Optical In
Optical Out
Line In 2 (6.2 jack)
Line In 1 / Mic In (6.2 jack)
Headphones (6.2 jack)

What should I do? I also have a Sound Blaster X-Fi which I don't use. Should I install that for the sake of real 5.1 surround sound? Or is there a way to do so with the Platinum eX? Or should I just settle for a Razer Electra without changing sound card?

Even better, should I just forget about a sound card and use the motherboard one? I have an MSI PN7 SLi with a Realtek ALC888 chip (7.1 surround sound) with all the needed connectors.

I'm not really willing to buy a new sound card. What should I do then? Thanks in advance! :D

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  1. You should be using your front jacks or the external sound card DAC they provide for your headphones, and the ports in your internal sound card for your speakers.

    The Razer Electra won't sound that much better since it has low impedance and it's not that great of a pair of headphones. You are better off purchasing better quality headphones from Sennheiser if you care about music. The open design would also amplify the surround sound, though the 5.1 headphones would theoretically give you a more immersed sound in gaming.

  2. That is, no kidding, the clearest illustration and explanation I ever got! :na:
    I think I'll be going with the 5.1 headphones. No need to change audio card then I guess :p
    Thank you so much! :D
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