Which power supply?

Hi guys,

My winpower psu i ordered was DOA (not suprising apparently). I'm now looking for a replacement.

My main issue is i need to power a HD 4870 and a HD 4870x2 in tri crossfire.

http://www.guru3d.com/article/radeon-hd-4870-x2-review-crossfire/ - this reckons that 2 hd4870x2's
use about 740w max so i figured 750w would be fine.

These are my choices (max price £65 if you would like to suggest other options)




I'd like to know about which ones are good/bad quality and if they will last a long time

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  1. If you are going to be doing tri crossfire, then you need more than 750 watts. 850 watts would be more appropriate.

    The Lian LI PSU is a good one but underpowered.
    The Xenta PSU is junk
    The OCZ PSU is ok, but underpowered.

    Keep looking for an 850 watt PSU, and stick to the major brands. I think you'll have to set your price ceiling a bit higher, but it's worth it not to have troubles down the road.

    Here's one PSU:
    Corsair 800W GS Series PSU
  2. Are you guys sure i'm going to need 800+ watts? On the guru3d review on hd 4870 xfire, the quad crossfire uses 740w on full load and has very similar specs to mine, so i thought that 750 would be enough for tri crossfire??

    I really don't want to spend over £70 on a psu
  3. This user is suggesting that a 750 watt PS would be satisfactory for a tri crossfire:


    XFX 750 watt Core Edition Pro Series for about 74 pounds:

  4. You can get the Corsair GS800 for cheaper:
    £71 @ Scan

    I wouldn't bother with Pixmania unless you already have a power cord you can use as I'm fairly sure they'll send you one with an EU power cord.

    Out of the three you listed I would suggest using the OCZ ZS series 750W.
  5. Thanks, thats the one i'll get then :)
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