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Does the Gateway DX4300 Bios Support ATI HD Series 6 and up?

Has anyone installed and gotten a card like Radeon HD 6850 to work in the Gateway DX4300? I looked on the website and they have bios drivers available that support Radeon HD series 5. Would like to upgrade but tech support for Gateway just say that it will support a PCI Express 2.0 ×16 slot. Then refer me to a pay support service that will give it their "best effort".
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    Any motherboard that got a PCIE 2.0 x16 slot will support any PCIE 2.0/2.1 card. There could be a problem if your mobo is PCIE gen 1, but as long as you do have a PCIE 2.0 x16 slot there's no problem running the HD 6850 AS PCIE 2.0 is the same as 2.1.
  2. To be simple, yes it should...
  3. Thanks both of you for your time and expertise. It seems it will still be a gamble but it seems less of a gamble than just getting it and installing.

    Edit: To update it does indeed work just fine.
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