Dead Mobo, Need CHEAP replacement.

Mobo: Chaintech NVF4 something something
CPU: AMD 4400+ (Socket 939)
GFX: NVidia 8500
PSU: Corsiar CX430
Uses: Checking E-mail, Watching movies (not blu-ray)

I have reason to believe the mobo is dead. Fans Spin (when plugged into a working connector), Power light comes on, nothing else. All components have been tested and work in a separate system (haven't tested the CPU).

So my quest is; what is the cheapest replacement I can do? I am not worried about upgrading, as the whole system will be scrapped by year end. The only real requirements is that the board supports IDE and Sata.

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    You know you're going to need a new motherboard/cpu and most likely memory right?

    Or go to ebay/craigslist and look for some 939 socket motherboards.
  2. You'll have to try E-bay. They don't make those chipsets anymore.
  3. Thats what I was thinking.

    Damn, I was hoping there was something I was overlooking.

    Thanks for the help :)
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